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Madison Healing Arts (MHA) offers individual and couples treatment. Our goal is to provide you customized therapeutic massage according to the client's individual needs and create a truly unique relaxation and healing experience. You can select from the services below. * Service taxes are already included in price but Gratuities prefer in cash and are not included in service fee.  


All services is by Appointment Only! 


Customized Therapeutic Massage

$125 for 60 min | $185 for 90 min

Customizing your massage according to What You Need. Our therapist uses specific techniques to stretch and repair the connective tissue between your muscles (fascia), manual lymphatic drainage, Swedish, active Myofascial release and assisted stretching. This customized treatment will help your body heal properly from injuries and can restore range of motion. Particularly helpful for anyone suffering from chronic or acute muscle and joint aches.

Energy Healing & Massage Treatment

$150 for 75 min

This is a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit which specializes in Healing Through Chakra System. The combination of healing techniques include Breath Work, Energy Healing and Neuromuscular, will boost-up your Central Nervous System and kick-start your Endocrine system, which improve your focus, balance and bring out the new you. 

Table Thai Yoga

$125 for 60 min | $185 for 90 min

Thai Yoga is deep tissue, gentle stretches and acupressure. Having a Thai Stretching session is like doing yoga without the effort. The therapists use an assortment of yoga like positions and maintain multiple points of contact throughout the session (highly recommended 90-min for the most benefit). **We provide loose clothing for you but you can bring your own as well. 

Deep Tissue/Sports for Athletes

$125 for 60 min | $185 for 90 min

This therapeutic massage is great for targeting specific areas of tension, relieving chronic pain and increasing range of motion. A must for highly active individuals to release stubborn knots and to remove built up toxins from the body. If you are consumed with stress or practicing athletes, this is the ideal massage treatment for you. Before an event such as a marathon, this massage can help you to avoid injury, while a post-event session can help you to perform at an even higher level. 

Reiki Chakra Healing

$125 for 60 min | $185 for 90 min

Reiki is a healing modality that uses a technique commonly called palm or hands on healing, our practitioners transfer universal life force energy in the form of qi (Japanese: ki) through the palms, which they believe allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium. While you remain fully clothed and relaxed, you'll finish feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and more energized.

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CBD Massage

$150 for 60 min | $210 for 90 min

This massage is specific to massaging underlying layers of muscle and fascia. Hemp oil will be used throughout the entire full body massage as well as a higher concentrate salve or moisturizer applied to specific areas of discomfort. Our hemp-oil is 100% organic, legal, safe and non-psychoactive way to address muscle tension, soreness, chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. 

Stress Relief Aromatherapy

$135 for 60 min | $195 for 90 min

The perfect package for when your head and feet need tender care. Start with a relaxing foot massage works to rebalance your chi, relieve tension, and stimulate the corresponding organs and tissue. Followed by a 30-minute Aromatherapy for Head, Neck, Back and shoulder helps to increase lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and release tension, headache & Migraine. We use pure organic aromatherapy from doTERRA and you can choose the essential oils.

Signature Thai Combination

$125 for 60 min | $185 for 90 min

This therapeutic deep tissue massage will untie stubborn knots in your body. To start warming up the body with Thai Yoga followed by spreading massage oil/cream to remove knots and tensions. The combination will relieve stressful lesions along the body and relaxes the muscles. 

Foot Reflexology

$125 for 60 min | $185 for 90 min

Massaging these reflex points helps balance, relax or stimulate the corresponding organs, and tissues, leaving you rejuvenated from head to toe. This holistic therapy makes a great gift for you. Start with a session and begin feeling the tension slowly slip away.

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Gratuities prefer in Cash or Venmo and are not included in service fee. 

* Due to the COVID-19, we'll not provide couples massage.