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Madison Healing Arts (MHA)

Therapists at MHA are trained in numerous modalities and can offer a perspective on any medical issues you have come to address. These techniques include, but are not limited to, medical massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, Swedish & combination, deep tissue, sports massage, PNF techniques, Thai yoga therapy, aromatherapy, and foot reflexology.



Stretching Rates at our Studio 

  • 50 minutes start at   $99.00 

  • 70 minutes start at $139.00

Massage Rates for Single Sessions at our Studio

  • 60 minutes start at $125.00 

  • 90 minutes start at $185.00

  • 120 minutes start at $250.00


Massage Rates for Specialty at our Studio


  • 60 minutes $150.00 for CBD Massage 

  • 90 minutes $220.00 for CBD Massage 

Massage Rates for Dual/Couples Sessions

  • 60 minutes $250.00 for Thai Yoga Massage, Combination, Deep Tissue

  • 60 minutes $280.00 for CouplesBlendDelight (CBD Massage)