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Countdown to NYC Marathon: Must Do’s Before Race Day

Congratulations runners! You finished your longest run this past weekend for the NYC marathon! November 6th is right around the corner to tug on your heartstrings and hamstrings, and we’ve got words of advice to those training for your very first time or your 10th. These are our top tips compiled from a decade of helping novice to elite runners cross finish line healthy and strong!

1. Stretching it out: The consensus is out on when to stretch…before, after, or both? No matter what the naysayers may say, in our experience, a good stretching AND strengthening routine before and after a run helps you stay limber and less prone to injury.

2. Strong first: Strength training is an important piece of any runner’s workout as it bulletproofs the body and making you less likely to injure yourself. Running is so linear that the body compensates with certain patterns of tightness and weakness.

3. Nutrition and hydration: Dialing in this piece is essential to a successful race day! On your long runs, practice your race-day nutrition and hydration strategy. For newbies, hydrate with 6-8 ounces of fluid every 2-3 miles and take your time drinking during the aid stations on race day. Fuel up with an energy supplement between your first 5-10k so your body can get in a rhythm. Then eat additional fuel every 45-60 minutes to help keep energy in the tank. Figure out what works best for your digestion during your last couple long runs.

4. Post-race meal plan: Because what you consume immediately after the race and in the days to come is integral to your recovery. Refuel depleted muscles with a carb and protein-heavy meal. Renew electrolytes and antioxidants with vitamin-rich berries and juices. Try Quick Post workout shake BPI Sports use code: CHANIDATH to get 20% off any BPI products.

5. Don’t Neglect Post-Run CareIt’s easy to forget a cool down when your pace is lower than you’re used to, but it’s still important to take a few minutes at the end of your run to slow way down, maybe even walking an extra few blocks. And beyond that, make sure you’re adding some dynamic post-workout stretching or self-massage to help inflammation.

6. Foam rolling: When you don’t have time to get a massage, turn to your travel foam roller. After your run, taking 10-15 minutes a day to foam roll your legs and pushes out any swelling or inflammation to get processed by the lymphatic system. Try this routine: don’t rush, and pause on those tender spots.

Good luck to all runners, your dedication and hard work inspire us daily! We’ll be rooting for you before and after your race. Give us a call if you need a tune up Pre-Event and Post Event Sports Massage with Thai Stretching, 646-481-8722 or email us

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