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Diabetes Awareness

Exercise and physical activity is great for your overall health, but it is especially great for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. It can help lower blood glucose levels and also reduce the risk of other health complications.

The American Diabetes Association recommends two types of exercise: Cardiovascular Exercise and Strength Training.


Cardio exercise uses large muscle groups of your body in movement over a sustained period of time, and is rhythmic.

Benefits: Helps your body use insulin, strengthens heart and bones, improves circulation and relieves stress, and can help lower blood glucose and blood pressure, improving cholesterol.

How often: 30 min/day; 5 days a week


  • Stair climbing, brisk walking, running, jogging, cycling

  • Dancing, swimming, sports, hiking, skating, skiing & snowboarding

  • Moderate to heavy gardening


Strength training uses resistance to strengthen muscles.

Benefits: Strengthens bones and muscles reducing risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

How often: 2 days/week


  • Free weights or weight machines

  • Resistance bands

  • Using your own body weight

  • Pushups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, wall-sits, planks

  • Rock climbing

Whatever your routine, Don't forget to add regular Strength exercises for Warm-Up, Cool down, and Everyday Flexibility. Stretching is essential for improving flexibility, boosting your mood and increasing bone density.


A convenient, customized, feel good way to improve your health via 60, 75 and 90-minute one-on-one dynamic, assisted stretch sessions. Come to our Studio in Midtown or We Also Visit Home & Office.

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